How I became an Equine Photographer

As this is my first blog, I thought it would be best to start at the very beginning, although to be honest it is a little difficult to pinpoint exactly when that was.

I have always loved horses, right from my very earliest of days when as a toddler in a pushchair I would lift my arms up expectantly to the horse that lived in the field opposite to our home (according to my mum). I apparently showed no fear, and the horse was always quiet and attentive, and incredibly gentle with me.

A love affair had begun, that would last a lifetime......

My love of photography began at a similarly early age, almost as soon as I was able to hold a camera, and was encouraged by my mum who was an enthusiastic amateur photographer herself who worked in a camera shop. I instinctively photographed what I loved......and what I loved were horses.

However, I initially followed a different career within the NHS, with photography and horses taking a back-seat to become just hobbies, until years later we moved to the southwest and I had the opportunity to have horses of my own at home. So, I began photographing my own beautiful Spanish horses, and going up onto Dartmoor to photograph the semi-feral ponies that lived there.

I then decided to train as a teacher of the classical seat, and began photographing clients to demonstrate to them the improvements they were making in their riding during our sessions together. I started to be asked to photograph equine events such as clinics and horse-shows, which in turn led to requests for portrait shoots.

I started to believe that I could actually combine my passions for photography and horses and create a business that would enable me to earn my living doing what I absolutely loved.

The rest, as they say, is history..................

Except, of course it isn't.

Because that of course is when the real hard work began, and I am still continually learning and developing and growing.

I have read and read and read about photography, and practised my skills endlessly, taking thousands and thousands of images (many of which will never actually see the light of day because they serve only for me to personally mark my progression and growth as a photographer). I have studied other photographer's work, attended workshops, and met some incredibly inspiring people, who have supported me along the way. I have photographed many many incredibly patient friends and their horses (who have been equally patient). And I have spend days up on the moors learning about horse behaviour, and light, and positioning, and angles......etc.

I have set up my own business, and have learnt about mobile phones, tax returns, invoices, and accounting, and........etc etc. I have tumbled enthusiastically into the world of social media, by signing up to Facebook and Instagram, and am gradually building a wonderful community there that enjoys my work and supports me along the way..

And now, here I am blogging for the very first time........

Hopefully, you will join me on the journey, and enjoy following the highs and the lows. Thank you for reading so far, and for just being here.

Deborah x

A few of my very early images for you to enjoy..............(I've come a long way!)

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