Meet Deborah


"Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is"


The Person Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Deborah.


An all-round country girl, who loves nothing better than exploring the countryside, either from the back of a horse, or on foot with a couple of faithful doggy friends beside me. Nature surrounds and delights me, and inspires my life and work every single day.


I have been a horse lover for as long as I can remember, and have had the privilege of owning many incredibly special horses from stunningly beautiful Iberians, to humble Dartmoor Ponies (with a TB and a Cob thrown in along the way!) Some of my happiest memories are of the adventures we have experienced together, and the love and trust that we have shared.

Photography has been with me for my entire life, and is a massive part of who I am as a person. For years I have photographed my own horses, and the free-roaming ponies in the moors and forests of the UK, as well as the beautiful landscapes around my home which have so inspired me.


Deborah Heynes Photography was formally established in 2015, initially covering Equine Events and Clinics, before moving on to focus solely on Equine Portraiture and Equestrian Lifestyle photography. 

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Relaxed, fun, and natural storytelling photography, with portraits of real love and laughter....

My Style and Approach

My overall style is natural, unobtrusive, and highly observational. I follow a personal belief that equine photography should be centred on a deep respect for the horse, and I have a quiet and artistic way of seeking out and waiting for the perfect image - this ability and commitment to step back and watch, rather than intrude and attempt to orchestrate, makes my images highly personal documents, completely unique to you and your horse, and so much more than "just" another equine photo.

I specialise in capturing informal lifestyle portraits in natural light, generally un-posed, which tell the story of your partnership with your horse. My shoots are relaxed and fun, and develop naturally as we work with what your horse is happy to offer. As such, each shoot is completely bespoke and unique to you both, and perfect for showcasing your relationship within the beauty of your chosen location - whether that be open fields, woods, beaches, moors or country lanes.


Perhaps most importantly, for me it is all about the photography, not the editing. In fact, I keep my editing to the bare minimum, and instead use my skills and experience to get images right in-camera in the first place, actually out in the field (quite literally!). Authenticity is incredibly important to me, and I really want to celebrate the realities of our lives with these incredible animals - to me, reality is truly is beautiful enough.......